SO what is this web-site’s all about?

Because we, as mothers, have the magical power to create the future.
SO what is this web-site’s all about?

Mommy i am is an on-line home for sharing, relating, supporting, adopting new ideas ,learning, examining, chatting and much much more… and yes, It is a little bit difficult to describe in such a short brief what is it inside all of these words, ideas, pictures and videos (and even advertisements:) that make up this web-site – yet it seems that three integral subjects are interwoven deep inside this web-site’s fabric.

The first – A New Purpose

Once when I was still only a young fresh mother, I read a women’s magazine article for which young and ambitious women who just like me, had recently become new young mothers, were interviewed. And all in one voice spoke about the conflict between how motherhood empowered their lives, with forces of love and emotional value that they didn’t even know they had in them!

But on the other side the weights of responsibility and of satisfying the daily needs of children and family around the clock, made them feel like they’re becoming an empty tired vessel, exhausted and worn, and that in practice they’ve lost their previous purpose – as women, as human beings and as professionals with careers. In my mother tongue a heading cried out: “Ei-Mahoot” which means: “That without essence nor purpose”. And I looked at that heading and it rang with my own young inexperienced, burdening and heavy motherhood, yet then in a lucid moment of enlightenment, I’ve realized something that turned over my life upside down – In my mother tongue “Ei” is indeed: “Without” but it is also: “Island” and I shut my eyes imagining a beautiful island, with golden shores and turquoise seas, an island of essence – just like that, a simple yet genius insight seeped down into my mind – every mother is: an island of essence and from all that she can create for herself and for her kin through her own hands, and her daily deeds an island of serenity, happiness, growth and activity, she could raise a beacon with raying lights that reach out far and wide and warn of, god forbid, approaching enemies, she could fit a dock to where ships from other fascinating and exotic reaches will come visit, she could construct a mighty breakwater to protect them from stormy waters, she could share, unite and bring closer all members of the house, from partner to grandparents and create an island of essence. And yes, I’ll admit, up to that moment I couldn’t really understand why did creation took care to bless my belly with my children, and just like the many women of my generation I was sure this is all only a casual evolutionary decision and therefore me and my partner will raise our children in this epoch equally and together will share in the creation of a mutual purpose.. but that moment was for me a turning point! From which I began researching my own motherhood from every possible direction, I’ve opened up all the doors of my heart and mind, put aside all lockers of emotion and thought I just let it happen, let motherhood be present.

The second – Broken Wings

“Be the change you wish to see in your child” (Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi)

Kids aren’t born with broken wings. When they’re born, everyone without exception waves a pair of delicate, spectacular, glowing … and fragile wings. This the way of creation: The soft newborn is ever soft and the strengthening is always procedural, moment after moment, day after day. It resembles building a sand castle without losing hope even when violent waves come forth and wash off many days worth of work. Few are the children who reach adulthood, still in possession of strong wings and the sad truth is that most of the kids grow up while to their bodies broken and withered wings are attached, wings one cannot use. Whose responsible for this? Sometimes life itself, sometimes only the environment, sometimes faith… but most of the time it is actually us: the closest circle to them, Mother. Father. Their seniors and the rest of the family and truthfully, sometimes it comes from good intentions, from a wish to guard and save them the trouble, but with naked heart and clean conscience, a deep observation will teach us that the source is mainly from our own private place of deepest fears, our black dark deep pits, and only our inability to move on, from our own broken wings. So what can we do? We ourselves turn into the change we wish to see in our children, live our lives like we wish to live their adult lives, questioning ourselves everyday: Is this how I would like to see my daughter live? My son conducting himself? And if the answer is negative… you start doing! You grow yourself, become better yourself, heal your wings, strengthen your children’s wings and take off to fly together.

The third – Stone circle

I know!, some days such a task seems impossible, your to-do list keeps expanding and filling, and for every green mark two new ones sprout up. We look at our mothers can’t fathom how is it possible did they’ve managed to raise five or seven children when we are riping out hairs with just one or two kids… and surely do we remember to count to ten and remember life’s highest priorities and our yoga classes from last summer and the breathing exercises, yet sometimes it feels so out of control, and every task only add up to our global stress which in itself complicates our functioning, like a circle of horror that threaten to ruin every good plot, and yeah, it’s no secret, each one of us has those moments where she stumbles upon an old photograph and sees herself, young on the sea shore, smiling, hugging with friends, holding a beer, and it is hard not to wonder why the heck did she need all of this??? so beloved mothers cheer up -none of us are really alone in this motherly mess. Already from times yonder, we women knew to set up stone circles for ourselves. Circles in which we sat inside, with full-moon moon lights glowing above us, until the feminine circle of knowledge turned into a storage of power and strength – The mothers wisdom circle. But what can you do in our age, where real stone circles, bonfires and nightly pass times aren’t as common anymore ..? We find other ways to distribute, share and pass on knowledge and advices – just like this website, just like through reading this very words. My dear friends to quest, I raise a virtual toast to the successes of each one of us!

Dafnis and the I’m Mommy site team.