So what does your child want to be when he grows up?What? You still haven’t checked? Maybe it’s for the best :))

Say, did you check what your kid want to be when he grows up?
Do you know the type of lectures that about 10 seconds in and you can immediately sense that someone prepared this lecture especially for you and that lecturer you probably know from a past life? That’s exactly what happened to me when Emilie Wapnick started talking about multipotentialite people, yessssssss! someone finally found me a name and definition, It’s so much fun realizing your normal! Wow, What a relief :)) And if you also have a multipotentialite child at home, then this inspiring lecture by Emilie is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Genetics work! Meaning if you or your partner or even your great grandmother answer to the definition of “multipotentialites” individuals its most likely that at least one (or maybe all) of your children’s genetics will manifest itself.
You know what? Between you and me, it seems that humanity is going towards that direction anyways and not long from now changing a profession every few years would be completely acceptable.

Dafnis :))


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