And what will you tell your daughter if she tells you about her dream of becoming a cashier in the supermarket? Or how about the President of U.S.A? And what if your son declares his life dream is being a monk? What will you say and how will you react?

On the wings of dreams
Some people have little dreams (the kind they know exactly how to obtain), while others never dared to dream (and never knew they could), some have had dreams and even great ones, but never dared to tell others about them because like Marsha Wider says: If I tell my dream to someone, they might laugh, ridicule, dismiss, but the hardest part of all is that they might actually expect me to do something about it…” And to me the greatest trouble of all is that people don’t really know how important dreams are, and consequently and maybe even out of an urge to protect and shelter their children from pain, they do not encourage their children to dream and follow them through, but worse, from a very young age they raise their kids to dream “realistic dreams”…duh, like there are any.
And you know what? I innocently thought our generation would have a different understanding , a different outlook, a more liberal mind set, one that encourages a child to dream and dream big, until a few years ago, my beloved courageous daughter dared to share the world a big dream of hers and the amount of cold, skeptic, dismissive, concerned reactions she got left me shocked and confused!
Which is why I really want you to watch this video:

To our dreams!


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