Questions that children ask Mommy: Where are my new shoes? My white shirt is clean? What are we eating for dinner? Can I go see Joe this weekend? When will we go to the beach? Questions that children ask Daddy: Where is Mommy? Hope I made you smile maybe even laugh:) To your success and mine!

What a good surprise!

It is truly awesome to organize your wardrobe and find something from ten years ago that still outweighs you! I found: a scarf :) Hope I made you smile maybe even laugh:) To your success and mine!
Guess what children remember from their childhood? You're going to be very surprised by the answer! A number of interesting studies have proven that what most children remember from their childhood focuses are small and joyful experiences, especially experiences that included intimate moments with their mother or father! And it certainly indicates that there is probably no point in investing in grandiose productions if anyway what is left in your daughter's memory is this...

Get rid of anger!

So how do you convince your child to get rid of anger? And how would you demonstrate to him how anger weighed on his life and burdened him? Here is one magical way: Take a walk in a forest or the beach, put on an empty bag on your back and keep adding stones from the road to the bag. When the bag gets really heavy - stop, take a stone...
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