How many times did I tell him not to do that? about a thousand times! and what? did it help? No! There he goes doing it again!
I’m desperate, what more can I say?

children see, Children Do.
So that’s it, there’s probably nothing more you can tell him, and you know something? Maybe it’s for the best. Some situations lose their value and become like running water for someone with no glass. What can you do? What do you think about…Doing? Why? Because children(and people) apparently learn a lot (and maybe most of the time) from what they see and feel about it.
So I have no choice but return to the words of the wise and dear Mahatma and with his inspiration say: “Be the change you want to see in others” Just, do your thing and let him observe you and learn. And with a lot of persistence (on your side) mimic you.
And this very complex video truly illustrates what this post says
Children see. Children do. Simple as that.

And if this video also moved a muscle in your heart too
and yes, you understand that change is definitely needed..but have no clue where to start
Here’s a few things you might want to read: Here, (Link to secrets from persuasion world)
And even here
See you,


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