Did you teach your son how to brush his teeth? wash his hair? wash his hands? But wait a second, Who will teach him about washing away negative thoughts? wiping off anger and hurtful thoughts?

Emotional hygiene – that does exist!
Tell me, what would you do if you over heard someone tell your daughter (after a bad date) the following: “Well what did you expect? someone like you, with such big thighs. That doesn’t have anything interesting to say, well come on, why would someone as successful and hot as him would even want to go out with a loser like you?”
Shocking right? I already see you sharpening the machete, hiring an 8 foot thug and planning a killing spree starting with that rude jerk who dared to speak that way to your daughter. Want to know something? You owe it to yourself to watch the following video

Dr. Guy winch on a TED lecture – A lecture you can’t stay indifferent to (notice how in minute 11:00 you get the answer to the question I asked you and you’re going to be very surprised!)

I don’t know about you,
But I am completely infatuated with this sweet doctor!


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