Do you have any idea what it takes to teach a child nowadays?
I mean what can you teach him and be perfectly certain he would have use for in about 10 years? 18? 30?
Between you and me with the crazy pace of progress, we don’t even have a clue what will be here in 3 or 5 years… So what do you do?

First you have to admit: We have no clue whatsoever what to teach our children in a way it would be useful for them in the future, and apparently the best thing to teach them is how to learn on your own and quickly and how to deal with change the best way possible. So we covered us..but does the education system prepare itself for the future? If you listen carefully to Ser Ken Robinson’s lecture you realize that not really, in fact one sentence in the lecture clarifies the picture in a very determined way. Notice around minute 5:33 “If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original”
What is the main issue with our educational system? Right…It teaches our children how to not make mistakes.

So what are you suggesting Ser Ken Robinson???
In fact, pretty insightful ideas – Go in, Check it out, Some of them can be utilized minutes after watching the video regardless of the educational system you’re children are in.

And yes, TED are hardly wrong, and that’s how great ideas are spread. Proof: This kid Logan LaPlante testifies in his youthful lecture that Ser Robinson’s lecture was the moment his mother decided to remove him from the ordinary educational  system and create “Hackschooling” with him, a “school” that according to him makes him a happy person and teenager…To me of course this is one option out of many, and as I have said before it isn’t necessarily compatible for everyone – But you can definitely learn a lot from them.

Oh and I almost forgot, If your son or daughter behave like Gillian Leynne described in this lecture, there’s a chance this post might help and even work wonders see this experienced learning post

To your success!


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