Tell me, what do you think about yourself? Are you beautiful or average? and your daughter? If you were asked if she was beautiful or average? What would you say then? And what does she think about herself? And what part do you have in these thoughts?

Doors of choice
Say, if you were in front of 2 doors, one said beautiful, the other said average, which one would you go through?
Yes, I admit (which is unusual for me) the clip is from the Dove product line and no , I’m not trying to promote Dove ,I’m sure they are doing fine without me :))
But I have to give credit to the folks at Dove, for not only raising fascinating issues but their way of examining them is both fascinating and inspiring.

Anyways, in this video, three segments got my attention, and there was something in it that made me think, see, around 1:44 a young woman appears, looks at the doors, looks again, and just decides to not decide…Goes back and doesn’t return. On the other end at 2:12, a mother makes a choice in a matter of seconds, and pulls her daughter with a smile and joy through the “Beautiful” door and around 2:19 a woman turns another woman’s wheel chair and chooses for her, to go through the “beautiful” door.

And I was thinking of how easier it is choosing for our loved ones and supporting them, and yet we have such a hard time doing the same for ourselves, but the most exciting part was what that action did to that daughter or the woman in the wheel chair, what a smile, such satisfaction, it lights up your heart- and all of that from the simple knowledge that someone just loves you! loves you so much that for them you are much more than average! You are simply beautiful!

Here’s the video you could check out for yourself.

To your loved ones,


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