So how do you convince your child to get rid of anger? And how would you demonstrate to him how anger weighed on his life and burdened him? Here is one magical way: Take a walk in a forest or the beach, put on an empty bag on your back and keep adding stones from the road to the bag. When the bag gets really heavy – stop, take a stone out of the bag, look at the stone and try and remember something the annoyed you (it will not be hard 🙂
Now throw the stone away (carefully, of course) and “shout the anger out” Anger after anger, until the bag becomes lighter.

The outcome is clear: Keeping anger in your heart is a sure way of punishing yourself for the mistakes of others and you can certainly learn to become less angry (and release) and with that learn to take care of yourself.
Trust me: The more skills they gain at a younger age, the easier and better your child’s life will be!

Hope I helped!
To your success and mine!


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