Got a problem that seems unsolvable? Here’s a really good tip: Go Sleep on it!
You know what? Here’s an even better tip: Let “That” go andโ€ฆ Go to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚
Why? Because you have no idea how much a good night’s sleep will help you?
Here are some interesting facts about sleep you would love to know.

Go sleep on it… The wonderful world of sleep!

Being reborn every day
It’s no surprise that many morning prayers bless the maker for helping us wake up, sleep has always been and still is for many, a “temporary death”, where we leave our world behind, its joy, hardship, challenges waiting to be solved, people under our wing, every single one of them. We just let go and dive into a different world, the realm of sleep where our control over our surroundings is very little and despite the progress of science it is still a mystery for many.

So what is the purpose of sleep?
According to the fascinating lecture by Russell foster which you can watch right here, there are many versions and differing opinions of the subject, here are three theories:
First theory suggests that sleep is meant for recovery, since everything that was destroyed or corrupted during the day will be rebuilt and recuperated while you sleep.
Second theory and less plausible according to Russell, says that sleep is a simple way for preserving energy and preventing caloric waste.
The third theory (and the one he is most associated with) is the option where sleep provides us with data processing and memory preservation and by doing so increases our learning abilities, but the most exciting part of this option is that it deals with the link between creativity and increasing our problem solving abilities through…? That’s right, Good blessed sleep!
This way or another, Russell helps us acknowledge the fact that regardless of the roles that sleep has, it is clear without a doubt that sleep cannot be considered a luxury! It is a basic significant product in our life, necessary, crucial, vital and much more influential than you can ever imagine! Sleep isn’t a wasteful time consuming “disease” (if anyone could just find a cure that would keep us awake)
On the contrary, sleep is the source of our productivity during our waking hours.

You don’t sleep enough? It’s not your fault, you know who’s is it? Thomas!
That’s right, it’s really not your fault, all the blame goes to Thomas (Edison) the inventor of the light bulb. Why? Because ever since the light bulb was invented, the tables have completely turned, and the line between night and day got thinner until it was permanently changed for every single one of us. It used to be very simple: When the sun would set the tribe would gather around the fire for a feast, a little socializing, maybe dancing, story, poetry and that’s it- straight to bed! To the stone, grass or maybe the luxury fur bed, for an empowering night’s sleep and then waking up at first light. while today? Sleep hours are never constant , we are tempted by our screens (TV, iPad, Kindle), and midnight treats and hangouts ย help us lose more and more sleep. and the price? Oh well, good you asked, sadly the price is heavy and relates to every aspect of our lives.

Personal Confession and proper disclosure
All of my life I was always one of those people who needed a lot of good quality sleep. And when I say a lot I mean minimum 9 or 10 hours every night (And sometimes even more :)) And as expected of course, my whole life I was constantly criticized for wasting most of my life on sleep, and fatal warnings that my persistence to sleep early (usually around 21:30 or 22:00) ruins my chance of a good social life, relationships, nurturing friendships and sabotages my chances of ever succeeding in life. I ultimately confess and admit that at certain stages in my life, I did try various and odd techniques while believing others that insist on early mornings, a rigorous morning activity (such as sport, meditation, yoga) whilst thinking efficiently that two or three more hours a day would make me more productive! Gladly my body was much wiser than me and disregarded all of my theories and just proved (with headaches, migraines, and involuntary sleep crashes) that my productiveness is being harmed by taking away valuable sleep hours. After I have learned, read, researched and wised up, I realized that science confirmed what my body already knew: Every person needs different sleep hours and it’s impossible to arbitrarily decide what’s the limit.

The scale, The rule and it’s exception:
According to the National American Sleep Association the number of recommended sleeping hours changes for each age group:
Newborn to 3 months: 14-17 sleep hours
4 months to 11 months: 12- 15 sleep hours
1 year old to 2 years: 11- 14 hours
Age 3 to 5 years: 10-13 hours
6 to 13 years of age: 9-11 hours
14 to 17 years of age: 8-10 hours
18 to 64 years old: 7-9 hours
65 and up: 7-8 hours
so yes, these are the recommended suggestions, but my experiences tells me that there is a percentage of people who can make do with less sleeping hours than the required minimum without creating irreparable damages to their body and brain (some are at a very advanced age or so it seems) and on the other hand there are individuals (such as me) who really need a lot of good quality sleep in order to be affective, efficient and productive.

In any case: The bitter truth is…
the bitter truth is that most of the new world population, the so called advanced and enlightened suffer from a chronic lack of sleep. Furthermore, the exhibited disregard to this basic vital need such as sleep contains a dangerous mix of misinformation (about the damages of lack of sleep), ignorance (about the benefits of good sleep), inability to resist temptation or life’s demands and a complete lack of adapting good useful habits regarding our sleep patterns.
It should be obvious that the quality of sleep is as significant as the amount of it.

So here are a few good tips you should do right now:
Listen to Russell Foster’s fascinating lecture
Peaking hereย and understanding the uncompromising link between sleep and energy management, which is a very effective and genius solution for time management.

To your success and mine!


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