My child. Who did you think I was talking about?
I show interest, ask questions, sometimes I even go on tangents/do a little digging (especially on days he seems to go in his shell, and looks a bit depressed) but he, nada, zip, nothing, zero. slips out a “fine” and walks away – And I’m worried, what can I do?

Just listen.

You’re probably saying to yourself Hellooooo…are you alright down there? Are you even listening to me??? I just said I ask, show interest, I am ready to listen, it is he who doesn’t speak…So Why are you suggesting I should listen again?

So yes, I’m fine. Thanks for asking. And I did listen to you (although its not simple :)) But you see there’s listening, and really listening, and I think Brian Miller explained and demonstrated it so well I will just ruin it if I say one more word.

And yes, Brian is a magician, but there is no connection between magic and your success that will help your son, your home, you parents, and even your husband (yes even him :)) to want to talk, share, and tell. If you only learn how to truly listen. And the biggest bonus: Guess who this unique listening would affect the most? Yes, you’re right. You :))

That’s it, Now I’m really gonna shut up.
It’s Brian’s turn to speak and he sure as hell knows how to do so.




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