So what is the big problem with the question: “How did you feel today at kindergarten, or what happened today at school?” And more importantly, what can you do to get a real answer? (Except “okay” or “nothing happened” 🙂

The answer lies in understanding: memories relate to experiences, experiences crystallize into insights, and insights are not always clear to us immediately and most importantly to remember that we are not really what we feel about our experiences and it usually takes time for insights to be translated into words (especially at a young age, but also in teenagers)

So what can you do to get real answers? First of all, slow down, lower your “foot off the gas” and move on to a joint activity at a more relaxed pace, conduct a flowing conversation, and share. Really share, especially how you had it today, in your “kindergarten” 🙂 Why is it so important? Because … if you do not share your child, how will he learn to share with you? And I promise you that if you do this – you will discover the magical secret and the answers will come even if you do not ask:)

Hope I helped!
To your success and mine!


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