How do you convince kids to brush their teeth? Go to bed early? stop watching T.V all day? Eat Broccoli? And do we really need to convince them?

My Answer: Marketing & Sales!
Why? Because this is your Bomba Basta!

But wait a sec, just before you’re charging forward… Let’s start with a question you probably already have, do we really need to do some convincing? And maybe you’re thinking that sometimes you could take your foot off the gas pedal and stop marketing, selling and persuading? You know what? You’re probably right, maybe in certain cases it makes sense to stop burdening them and just go with the flow.
But any way we look at it, there’s no escape from it my dear – Life is complex! And there will be more than one situation where we just have no choice but do things we really don’t feel like doing… And we, as parents, have the responsibility for safety and security, both mental and physical, of both our children and the consequences of their actions on others around them. As a result there are times where we have no other way but persuading our kids to do things they don’t want to do.

How Do I stop being the “Annoying Mommy”?
So how do I do that without losing my mind, my nerves, yelling, threatening, wasting piles of energy and permanently holding the “Annoying Mommy” throne?
Here’s a genius idea: Copying others!
Sounds unethical? Afraid the teacher might catch you cheating?
Don’t worry I set you up with a perfectly moral and safe copy, where you don’t have to do anything (The blame falls directly on me) and you just have to agree to let go of your familiar mother-world, get out of your comfort zone, or un-comfort zone (in too many cases) and without judgment allowing yourself to take a pick at the neighboring world- The business world! And in it learning from the biggest marketing campaigns, make adjustments to fit your personal basta and come on, to your success!
Are you serious? you ask.
and I reply: Completely serious, I swear.
And why am I so sure? Because I have tried it myself. and it worked!

Motherhood and Business, or The business of motherhood
You see, At the age of 20 I started my first business, and to this day, years later, I was never an employee again! Therefore, it’s pretty clear that I’m not a stranger to the business world.
On the contrary, from a very young age, branding, marketing and sales became an inseparable part of my personality and furthermore, the understanding that the business world and motherhood go together only came about after I was a pretty experienced mother.

It happened once when I was bragging to a friend how I convinced my son to do something without him feeling pushed 🙂 While describing my actions I suddenly realized I used marketing strategies and tactics in order to persuade my tiny costumer… Truthfully, at first, I was pretty shocked, and as an honest person (or at least trying to be) I immediately summoned myself to a serious hearing, where I was trying to check how much of my strategies and marketing tactics seep in to my motherhood kingdom and how fair is this ploy. At that moment an interesting process took place, that exceeded from the singular case to a much more profound realization. And so, for quite some time I examined my business philosophy and motherhood beliefs side by side, and an exciting new set of tools was created as a result.
To this day, in every chance I get, I improve upon that tool box, sometimes motherhood brings great insight to the business world, and sometimes it’s the other way around.
Between you and me, do we not market and sell from dust till dawn?
Vegetables, brushing your teeth, sleep time, camping, a good book, kiss your grandma… Whether we like it or not, we market and sell all day every day: Ideas, Thoughts and insight. So why does this parallelization give you goose bumps? Same reason many business owners will do anything for their business (from washing dishes to paper work up to carrying boxes) just never ask them to market and sell!
And why? this lies probably in the false perception and awful judgment we have all put onto the marketing and sales world, which is firmly based on old fashioned methods that go as far as the industrial revolution and rely on the assumption that people don’t want to shop, and thus we have to force them to do so (against their will), we must put physiological and mental pressure, persisting, flooding, manipulating, making false pretences, wearing them down, everything goes!
As long as there is a sale.

Marketing from the heart!
Gladly in these last few centuries there are much more marketing methods (which I call: “Marketing from the heart”) and from which you should take inspiration from.
Here are some of my marketing definitions:
Marketing is talking with people about things I love!
Marketing is successfully bringing a smile and joy to others with things I enjoy.
Marketing is finding, knowing and connecting to people who want the same things as I do, but can’t always get to – meaning marketing is a tool to help people!
Marketing is building a community of individuals around me (my client base) that speak the same language as me and we agree on many subjects.
Marketing is a language- A very unique and personal language.
And because it is so, the number of marketing methods is equal to the number of marketing individuals!

And Now try looking at our new interpretation and replace the word client with son or home… Now it sounds less terrible – right?
But oops, I can hear you thinking, I can hear the grinding of your thought gears all the way over here, and all of your skeptical cynical thoughts converge into two words:”Yeah right!, it may have worked for you, but for me, haha that’s funny… when I tried marketing broccoli I got laughed at, and also when I tried selling a day with grandma, studying math or any physical activity over the weekend, all my marketing moves can be crowned as a huge failure, disappointment, useless, or dumb (together or separately) so I really don’t know how it goes on in your house but “Mom stop bugging me” is the most popular sentence in my house!”

So my dear mother, you know what? First of all let’s be honest and I’ll tell you it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in my house:)) and not everything I try to sell and market my kids actually works, BUT and it’s a big BUT – my closure percentage (sorry marketing terms) is pretty decent and I’m OK with that! (Because let’s face it, there is no reason I want to get to 100% closure and find I live in a yes-man spineless house, right?)
How do you raise your closing percentage? mainly with “Marketing from the heart” and creating a marketing mix that includes: Persistence, creativity, love, caring, persuasion, nice tactics and most importantly: personal example and hard work- first and foremost.
If you still haven’t seen this post (secrets from persuasion world post) – I think you should, there are some great creative new tools for your marketing mommy toolbox.

To your success!


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