Is your mind exploding from all of these thoughts again? are they leaving you restless? Spoil your appetite, keeping you up at night? And you turn a prayer over to your brain, half praying half raging: “Quiet in there! Quiet!” And oh and behold…Your prayers were answered, silence arrives, and then what? It’s even scarier!
Thoughts-The endless circle!

Cogito Ergo Sum(I think therefore I am) Said Rene Descartes at during the 17th century and despite trying to prove his thesis that the senses can trick a human, the only testimony for human creation is the fact that he is simply thinking, since a thinking man must be an entity of “I am the one thinking this thought”. And actually he left us with the horrifying thought that in order to exist we must think!

And so without noticing we let our thought demon dance around, bouncing, burdening us, even with the thoughts we have no use for. And what is so confusing with our thought demon? I wrote about it right here (Link to And think about it ok? post)
And what type of thoughts are running around in our head? Yes, that’s right..I wrote about that too, right here (Negative thoughts superhighway)

And last but not least, here’s the message perfectly illustrated in the eternal voice of Alan Watts

Love, Quitely.
Don’t let this disrupt the silence in your head.


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