Time just keeps running out? Full tank on neutral? Feeling like you are active all day, but not productive, and definitely not affective? You know what, There’s a chance this interesting  “Managing energy” term is the most practical solution for you!

Managing Energy- Right here Right now.

So what are you suggesting? Managing energy instead of time management?
Yeah, exactly. And why? I explained this topic in detail in my other post But in this summary we could all agree about two facts:
First- Time as we grasp it today is completely “Man-made”, isn’t natural and usually out of our control, and every attempt to “manage it” goes up in flames.
Second- A small look around, and a simple memory refresh will almost instantly bring up a few examples for people who make great use of their time, and seem to be much more time efficient then us, they always seem like they are a giant energy ball that helps them perform every action almost effortlessly. So how come there are people like that around us? Are they unique? Were they born this way or is it something you can learn?

Living as a Fountainhead of energy
My dear, Here’s some great news flash: Every one of us is a non-biodegradable source of energy! and even better news: In comparison to other sources of energy (such as oil or gas), human energy isn’t degradable and surprisingly might
actually increase in volume while using it.
And now for some less exciting news: The big problem, like in every other field, is our lack of awareness! What of? Especially our Total Personal Energy balance! You see, We have to run our energy balance the same way as we run our monthly or yearly financial balance sheet of our property, while considering some familiar terms:

Profit and Loss Report – If I could put an energy meter to every mother’s forehead, you could easily see, in every given moment, what fills her up and empties her out? What people or situations are “Energy Suckers” and what are energy chargers? And by the end of the day, What actions can she take to increase profit margins and finish her day with a positive energy level.

Leakage and Energy Outflow – So If I did have such meter would you be able to tell where exactly your energy is leaking ,falling and wasting away from? And if you would find the source of the leak, and if you would  also find the perfect substance with which you can seal the leak flow, wouldn’t it be great?

Holes, Mines and Natural resources – Every one of us (Even you :)) has a personal resource list which is a certified endless energy resource. For one it could be a visit to the park, walk on the beach, inspiring lectures and a warm friendly embrace. For another it could be yoga classes, meditation, A cup of green tea or a refreshing salad.
One will be immersed with energy listening to Brazilian music, while another would enjoy a more folksy country tones (And furthermore, personal taste and choices could change for the same person, depending on the time of day or other circumstances) But the most important question is: Did you ever stop to make an inventory list? Mapping and analyzing your energy sources? And if so, Do you try and use it on a daily basis and allow yourself to fill up your battery every time it runs low? (At least with the same meticulousness you treat your smart phone:))

Four Dimensions– Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, consciousness…Every one of them in unison affect your personal energy balance! So according to my theory, energy resources are mostly very personal and yet some things just work on all of us, for example sleep is one of them, and as a respected, wonderful and important energy resource I wrote this post for (Go Sleep on it ) and this video post (Link to “take sleep seriously” Video post)

So long story short?
First and foremost consciously committing: Today I start managing Energy!
Notice my profit & Loss balance sheet, Observe myself and the balance, Protect myself from leaks, holes and a waste of energy, and especially take care of plugging to my personal charger and reload every time I feel a fall in my energy levels.

To your success and mine!


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