What a crazy morning I just had… There are some days(more than I would wish) where it seems that this whole Mommy business is just a bit too much? Any recommendations?

Take this: The world’s greatest mentor!
(surprise, It’s not who you think it is :))

God, What a crazy morning you just had, you get ready with the little bit of time you have left, drop the kids off at school, Don’t forget a hug and a kiss and then off you go, on the road again, on your way to work, stuck in traffic, and on the radio they’re broadcasting a show with a famous, excited, energetic mentor that gives you exact instructions on how you should behave, if you were the perfect mom. And his material is both convincing and confusing at the same.
Because just yesterday you were at a lecture in school for “Gradual Parenting” which said the exact opposite of what he does. And you feel lost and desperate and wonder who the hell are you suppose to listen to: Your experienced mother? The mentor? An expert? Your best friend (Which has everything under control) Or maybe your dear husband who thinks you are the problem, because you give too much to the kids, too soft, spoil them too much and besides you make a big deal out of everything..
Oh how much I full heartedly understand, Every mother has been there,
No one was just born for the task,
And even if you think some people have it easier… Well, think again :))

Motherhood- Where exactly do you learn that?
Most mothers have it just like me, and just like you
Out of a million advices, updates, articles and books
Comes up one big shout of frustration:
HELP! Who do I listen to???
Well, you know what? After ups, downs, failures and successes,
After hundreds of books and about a million lectures,
My answer is remarkably simple:
What do you mean who? The greatest mentor in the world!
And now you’re asking: Really? Me?
Because. Because the answers are inside of you, because no one knows your kids better than you, you are the one that really knows them, no barriers, no masks, from the moment they took their first breadth, you’re the one that carried them in your stomach for 9 months, the one that feeds them spiritual and actual food and the one who can feel them even 2000 miles away!
So why doesn’t it always work..? Why are you still confused and lost? Why is it that every now and then you feel that this whole motherhood business  is a little big on you?  And that it’s not fair no one taught you this complex and awesome job before dropping it all on your lap..? Why is it stuck?

“Listen to the sound of silence”- Simon and Garfunkel
I think that one of the main reasons is that from all this noise, it’s getting hard to hear the sounds of silence, And from all of this talking and advice you  probably lost confidence in the fact that you really can do this, that the answers are already inside of you and all you have to do is find them.
So, What do you do?
First of all breath,
And then observe the situation – just as it is!
And you go looking,
For knowledge (And for the person, man or woman that gives it)
But you don’t go looking for “just more knowledge”
(Because more and more knowledge isn’t applicable and is the same as a man that’s in front of a faucet of flowing water but has no glass to drink with)
Acquire knowledge from the kind that will help you
Find your way
To your own personal answer bank

The way to the mentor inside of you
The best mentor for you, for your children and for your family.
Good luck my dear lady!

This post isn’t here to god forbid dismiss the great importance of professionals and experts in their field, both caregivers and therapists. All I wanted was to clarify, clear up and define the next fact: They will be worth their weight in gold if you just combine your mentor with their help, instead of just seeing them as an independent contractor between you and your children where you shouldn’t be involved.
And if you are debating on how to choose a good mentor, this post will make your life a little bit easier  And no there are no names and not even a sale offer… Hell no! Just a few great tips.

To your success and mine,


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