Are you like me too? You can Never seem to find the time to go to the gym? Because it’s too big of a hassle? Babysitter bailed? Your hair looks like crap and running in the neighborhood park is out of the question? Are all of your running suits in the wash and there is no way you are caught working out wearing your husband’s old sweats? Do you want to  know what I found out (the hard way)???
That you don’t have to give up working out, because you can do it with other stuff and even get your kids to join in on the fun! Don’t believe me? You’re right! why would you? :))
But maybe if you keep reading my personal confession, you will be convinced.

Mommy’s gym

Personal confession, disappointment, and one wonderful discovery
My dear, I don’t know about you, but I have a very serious problem with the whole concept of body maintenance, working out and going to the gym. And believe me I got the world record in self persuasion and I have tried several ways to talk myself into the idea that fitness and body maintenance is a very important issue. And I’ve had periods where it worked a little, and then it stopped, and worked again and unlike other good habits I’ve adapted (in other areas), this one still doesn’t come naturally.
So a year ago I decided that if I commit myself and enroll to the gym, the knowledge of paying for it would get me to do some form of action on my part. So I enrolled. And I paid. Not cheap. Plus I read in some article that I need to invest in myself (so that my reflection in the mirror might encourage me to be persistent) So I bought some fashionable sweats and a pair of black purple & pink sneakers… and I started. Very vigorously, and then I started getting bored out of my mind and so I escaped to the treadmill and started watching nature and science shows on my favorite channel to pass the time, and it worked, at least three times in a row and then again, the magic wore off.
So I procrastinated, time went by and there goes an entire year where I went to the gym. Check it out! Only 4 Times!!! and I paid for it dearly not only with money, but mainly because of health – A whole year went by without lifting a finger, and because I’m a naturally thin structured woman (Sorry, I was born this way, truly sorry:)) then when I told everyone about this embarrassing fact, they encouraged me and said: “Well, it’s not that bad, you obviously don’t need to lose any weight” Which is complete bull because fitness isn’t just about weight, it’s about health, life-style, state of mind, positive energy and other very important things (Between you and me, despite my ‘light’ weight, I still have about 6-8 extra pounds and areas in my body that don’t look great).

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Thinking outside the box, Works for me every time!
So I racked my brains trying to think of what to do this year, and how to recommit myself, I sat down and made a list of everything standing in my way, and tried to really zero down on the reasons why I didn’t go to the gym all year and you know what, I had a few revelations plus one surprising conclusion:

  1. The nearest gym to me is in the nearby town, which is about 20 minutes away.
  2. If I leave for work meetings in the nearby town in the morning, then I have to plan out my entire day and take all I need for the gym with me, and my mornings are very hectic as it is and I really try to start it off calmly.
  3. If I get home and have to get out again, I usually lose my motivation and energy. (And always, but always, someone will need something from me just as I’m about to leave the house which will make the decision of staying home much easier)
  4. Every time you go to the gym you have to look good (or at least reasonable) because you never know who you might meet at the gym and particularly today. So yeah Brad Pitt doesn’t work out in our tiny gym and usually our gym has a few nice middle-aged women and zit faced teenagers- but go figure, life is full of surprises :))
  5. My kids are all grown up (yours might still need a babysitter) but they still have an endless list of chores and demands from me, which somehow never synchronizes with my gym schedule.

And for the conclusion – I have very little time a day as it is, and I calculated that in order for me to do a 30 minute workout I actually invest two hours a day around the topic!
And from understanding all of these objections a surprising solution came about…

Stay Home!… Will it work?
Stay home- Just stay home! Work out every free 30 minutes you have, without pre-planning without dressing up, at any weather condition, without wasting gas or money. Sounds good, right..?
Because now what snuck up behind me is my next enemy, Self discipline. Yes, yes, a group, a team, a class, a gym- that’s a commitment, it helps us get out of the house and commit to our actions.  So now I have one more problem: How do we combine this task with my daily routine, and turn this commitment to a naturally flowing habit, one that I will actually do? First things first I turned for answer to my past success meaning the effective and efficient method I adapted regarding habits, a method that if you are curious about   then I started collecting more information, searched the web, asked friends, read articles, watched some videos and wracked my brain again… As it turns out, I easily found tons of cool exercises to shape every body part you have just waiting to be used.
Filled with ideas I started scanning every room in the house looking for stuff I can find useful. I made a list and cross referenced my information- I have a bed.. what kind of exercises I can do with that? a chair? Computer desk? a window sill? You wouldn’t believe but almost every object I found a use for… (even until one morning while working out in my room I looked up and noticed my dear daughter forgot to turn the lights in her room again so I was climbing up the stairs when it hit me…Stairs! Why didn’t I think of that sooner..?)

Now here comes the hard part- You have to really start!
And then one morning I realized that the data collection stage has come to an end and if up until now I was just messing around, now it’s time to actually begin doing, and…I did!
without setting Olympic goals, and preposterous declarations, on the contrary, with small steps, tiny promises you can hold a tangible expectation bar. While increasing your pace in moderate and calculated way and doing it when (you feel that fire inside of you) that need comes from the inside, when it’s right and accurate.

Status Report- Still in progress, Thanks for asking :))
Today, Almost four months after that turning point and I’m still diligent, I successfully manage to perform a 30 minute workout almost every day a week which defiantly makes me happy. But that’s not the most important part! What makes me even more satisfied is the turning point and listen to it closely – There are some days I actually look forward to these thirty minutes… Me???
I’m shocked. But I swear it’s the absolute truth, and if you don’t believe me that’s fine too, because if anyone told me that before I would also look at them with distrust.
And what else happened ? I turned this whole topic into a creative amusement, and I combine a new interesting ingredient to my workout menu every day, slowly but surely I dare to go outside and combine walks around my neighborhood, and before I go outside I try to leave relaxing music, one that tempts me to practice some breathing exercises afterwards, when I go to a friend’s house where there are little kids I immediately volunteer to become a human jungle gym… bouncing toddlers on my knees and working out my leg muscle, chasing them around the house and practicing my aerobics, lifting them up and down as if they were a living weight.
And that, of course, is only the beginning,
Which I’m hopeful and praying it will accompany me here on out for the rest of my life.

To my successes and to yours!
Love, Dafnis 🙂



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