School bullying… What side is your son on? your daughter? and what can you do when your heart is ripped apart seeing a new black eye ,a  scar or a scratch on your “victim” son, and what can you do when another busy exhausting day arrives when the principal’s phone number shows up on your screen and they have no idea when or where your sweet child ran off to and how can you still love your bully son unconditionally?

You know what,  I have no clue what mother has it best, as people , we are quick to judge and lay blame on those mothers who brought up and raised these bullies and even quick to judge on their education methods, but I have actually met a few wonderful mothers, that have done almost everything possible and are left with a complex reality of a child that is difficult both to himself and others around him.

Surprisingly enough, sometimes at that same household, there are two kids living side by side, that one suffers from bullying at school while the other is a bully.
Life is fair, and its definitely not simple, there is not one truth, and sadly no magic dust, pill or short cuts. But from time to time insight arises and I find myself clinging to it with all my might.

Shane Koyczan opened his TED lecture with these exact words: “When I was a kid I hid my heart under the bed because my mom said: If you’re not careful someday someone is gonna break it, take it from me, under the bed is not a good hiding spot” I have no idea what his mom wanted to convey with her words exactly, but I can only imagine she had good intentions and that she wanted to protect him from his experiences, but I am sure that is not the most empowering thing a mother can do for her child (If you have a feeling I’m not quite sure what I am talking about you are more than welcome to go and read this post ) Much more than what was said in Shane’s lecture, I heard what was not said… How great is a mother’s strength, How great is your strength!

How much weight is on the words you choose, how important is inspiration, the power and defense you choose to bestow upon your child, and if that isn’t clear, then close your eyes and imagine your child in about 15 years, standing on a stage in front of hunderds of people – What words will he choose to start his lecture with? Will you be a part of it? and what part would it be?

And here’s shane’s story told with his words, accompanied with hauntingly beautiful animation

I have, you have, we have,
The power to change!


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