So what does it take to be really happy? Here’s an answer that even surprised me!
But maybe before I share the answer we should ask ourselves: What is happiness? And yes, it is pretty clear to me that each of you can have a slightly different definition of happiness (which is usually related to religion, education, worldview and even profession) but allow me to take the discussion for a moment (well, it’s my blog anyway) and tell you my definition To happiness.
It’s not an ideal picture of a beautiful and perfect family who run hand in hand in a flowering field toward a blue sky… Not at all! To me happiness is much simpler and is based mainly on a sense of satisfaction! A stable and continuous feeling that gives us meaning and an ability to cope well with challenges and difficulties.

And now you will probably ask (and rightly so) – So how do you get this charming feeling?

Well luckily in the last few decades, there’s an increasing number of studies about happiness!
(And if you ask why have they only begun to seriously investigate happiness  in the past few decades, when misery has been studied from ages ago, I say to you that this is indeed a wonderful question but the answer to it is probably in another post altogether 🙂

One of the most  fascinating and interesting studies I came across was conducted by the psychiatrist Robert Waldinger and he summarized one of the key insights from the study in the attached lecture, and you will be pleased to know that this is a comprehensive study made by Harvard University that was conducted for over 75 years! A study that includes not only questionnaires but also ongoing follow-up of medical records, blood tests, brain scans, conversations with family members, and video interviews.

And what do you think?
What are the conclusions of this amazing and comprehensive study?
Does the secret ingredient for a good life and happiness lie in money?
In glory? In the dream job? The perfect husband?
You know what, Why should I spoil something good?

One click and the whole answer is right in front of you…

To your loved ones,



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