Take sleep seriously! Why? This video will give you an interesting perspective on it!

There are many surprising and clever things in this Russell Foster lecture, but what I liked most is the part where Russell talks about the wrong myths! the ones we all fall for, and the most famous among them is: “People who get up early are healthier, more energetic and successful individuals”
Is that so? According to Russell: “No research supports this”
or as Russell said (more or less): “they are just as pleased with themselves” (and as you probably know they also make sure everyone knows it) And why was I so relieved to hear this? Because I love to sleep!!! lots of hours:) So thank you Russell, for giving me official permission to do what I have always thought is right without feeling guilty, and it turns out that, as in many other fields, there is not one Answer! And it’s all about personalization. P.s-  don’t worry, even though I sleep a lot I’m still efficient, energetic, and full of joy! And I totally believe that all of this happens because of sleep! And that sleep is actually… good and beneficial energy management. And if “energy management” sounds interesting to you here is a whole post that deals with just that:

Do You Know This Annoying Mother Who Always Does Everything On Time?
What Does She Do Differently From You?

you are invited 🙂




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