Morning has just begun and it’s already sundown… I didn’t get anything done!!!
Has it been a week? A month? A year? How can you get more done? What can we change?

E=mT2 – At home, In the office, During your life – Is time management the solution?

If I go around and ask 100 mothers if 5 extra hours a day would help them, I’m assuming most of them would reply: “Sure of course it would” And that is why (I assume) most mothers I know have tried at least once or twice exploring the subject of time management. And maybe you have too? visited a shop? Went to a reading? Listened to a lecture? started a course? and you came home with tons of epiphanies and insight, full of good intentions to put it into use, but somehow, in your household, most of them didn’t really work and again you are left with the ever elusive and uncontrollable time, an overload of unfinished tasks and a small ball in your throat. Maybe you have reached the conclusion that there is no way out, it is what it is and you can just give in and give up, but every time you meet a much more efficient and resourceful woman (Come on you know the type, the one that her house is always spotless, kids are happy, husband is in love and boss is happy…) you start with your doubts and again find yourself in a time management workshop?

Personal confession and magical insight.
Allow me to share a little story that personally took me to wonderful places.
Although that in my essence I am a very efficient productive person, at a certain time in my life I began researching the topic of time management in depth and was impressed by two lectures that happened one after another – The first lecture was held by an energetic, decisive man (the type of people I love calling the ALL CAPS type) and presented himself clearly going over his short but resourceful life where he had accomplished a lot at a very young age (degrees, businesses, family, children – without a doubt a very inspirational individual) and then he went on in detail explaining the techniques that led him to the mentioned success, techniques that included a variety of tools, tricks, and impressive loop holes, where the first was: “Never start your morning by opening your e-mail inbox, e-mails are energy consumers and most of them contain requests, questions and tasks that others demand of you..which is why you start your day with the tasks you set to do, and the email can wait for the rest of the day” After the fascinating lecture was over I wrote down the list of insights and tried to implement them.
Like I started saying, by the end of the week I went to the second lecture, which was held by a much older but vigilant lady and not less decisive (apparently also belongs to the ALL CAPS group) she also began by listing her accomplishments, and what can I say, an amazingly powerful women, what a career and is also a mother to 5 kids and a model wife- truly inspiring!
And here the dear lady begins her lecture by saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, don’t even dare starting your morning up without going through your email inbox, this way you can organize and plan your day better” Lol ha ha… you see where I’m going with this, right?

So in a moment of clarity and like many times before where I have made two mistakes with one breadth: I looked for the answer in the wrong place, equipped with the wrong questions:)

Energy management?!
A few days later I stumbled upon a fascinating lecture that I sadly don’t remember the name of the lecturer but all I was left with was this new exceptional concept: The answer to all of our prayers isn’t with time management, mainly because time is the only thing we cannot control, and further more time is an elusive element that is completely out of our immediate reach, the answers lie in the combination of a new concept: Energy management! Bingo! And like a child with a brand new cool toy, I examined this new term every way possible and I realized that at least with me it is definitely true, without a doubt: Every time I managed energy instead of time I had remarkable accomplishments. So.. This does not mean to say you should throw away the expensive luxury watch your husband gave you and join a drum circle on the beach…
Time, Watch, planning out your day and making a schedule has a valuable importance  to our human life, but let’s face it, an exceptional adventurous new outlook on the matter can bring you, my dear, to surprising accomplishments and especially when those time management tricks just don’t seem to work.
And if you’re wondering on how exactly you turn this exciting new term, energy management, to a feasible action, you can find some great insights right here (time or energy management ).

A toast to you,



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